A Body of Art Tattoo and Piercing - Sarasota, FL and Pagosa Springs, CO

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A Body of Art Piercing Station Sarasota, FL

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Click here for tattoo aftercare information.

Click here for piercing aftercare information.

Tattoo Release Form

Click here for tattoo/peircing release form.*

Click here for FL state minor tatoo release form.**

*Please note that any minor (under age 18) MUST have a signed, notorized release form from a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN. Both must provide valid ID and the signing parent or gaurdian must be present at the time of tatooing or piercing. It is against Florida State Law to tattoo ANYONE under the age of 16 and is our shop policy NOT to pierce ANYONE under the age of 16, even with parental consent. We DO NOT perform any facial or nipple piercings on minors.

**New Florida State Statutes require all minors getting a TATTOO to have the FL state release form notarized instead of our shop form. Piercings can still use our shop form only.