Not all art hangs on a wall.
The new art collector...

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Tattoo as a medium is very much like painting.  Line and contour, blending colors in layers and time to impart light and movement.  Rich and multi-layered.   Free in form and design, limitless in what can be created.

Though not all would consider a tattoo for themselves, one must appreciate the exquisite beauty and quality in the art of tattoo today.  Some of the industry's  best are stretching the boundaries of what is possible and in so doing, we believe, have propelled tattoo into the realm of fine art.

The act of tattoo is an intimate acquisition of art.  You are personally involved in its creation.  In most cases, it is an expression of your own life experience.  No matter its size or complexity, it is a part of you and should communicate your personal journey.  It should be as unique and original as you are.

We encourage our guests interested in tattoo to approach your quest as you would in finding the perfect painting or sculpture. A work that speaks to you.  One that will enhance how you perceive yourself and how you tell your story.

We would to pleased to collaborate with you to design and achieve together a tattoo you will love for years to come.

Not all art hangs on a wall.

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