Troy Couture

Troy Couture is the creator and owner of A Body Of Art Gallery. He began his career in art tattooing while enlisted in the Army, honing his craft on his fellow soldiers. He next focused his talents into acrylic and oil paintings quickly gravitating toward creating large abstract and surreal canvases.  Working in each medium gave the other greater depth and complexity.

Later in his career he fell upon an art form that has opened a new world to him creatively. He discovered Assemblage.

Assemblage is a sculpture of found materials and objects.  Whatever catches the artists eye and fits the composition is fair game. Floating between painting and sculpture, a three-dimensional collage.





Kelly Rice-Couture

Kelly enjoys creating colorful and playful interpretations of the natural world using a variety of mediums. Including acrylic and oil paints, through tattoo and assemblage pieces. 

Tanya Quinn


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