2021 Exhibition Series

August20 - September 26

Inspired by...


June 5 - July 3rd

a journey into the realm of the artist

Opening Reception
Saturday June 5th @ 6:30pm
Hors d Oeuvres served
Lounge open and serving cocktails, beer and wine.

Delve into the art of creation.  Artists are invited to investigate what inspires them to create.  A book a poem?  A place or person?  Perhaps a mood, memory or circumstance that drives them to put paint to brush, get their hands muddy with clay, venture out with camera in hand.  Alongside these works will be a written descriptions of that moment of spark provided by the artist to guide the viewer toward a deeper understanding of the artwork.

Be immersed in the most enigmatic of colors.

blue copy.jpg
An Exhibition in Blue
August 7th - September 4th
Opening Reception 
Saturday August 7th @ 6:30 pm

This exhibition is dedicated to the color blue and how it has

captivated our senses.  Come immerse yourself 

in art, music, dance,

food and drink. 

Requested attire... Blue!

of course.

2nd Annual Four Seasons Show

Postponed till 2022 season

Four Seasons is an invitation to artists to express the passage of time or their interpretations of the seasons themselves.

To celebrate the natural world, investigate our moods,  the exhilaration of spring, the

contentment of summer, the urgency of fall and surrender to winter. 



December 4- January 1st
Opening Reception
Saturday December 4th @ 6:30pm

Just in time for holiday gift giving Smalls is an exhibition of artwork which is 12 x 12 or smaller.

Great works come in small packages.  Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”, arguably his most famous painting, is only 9” X 13”.  William Blake’s “The Ghost of a Flea” is 8” x 6”.  The Faberge Eggs range in size from 3 to 5 inches.  Boundaries are meaningless.